You don't and can't explain why we can't live on a planet with less gravity than earth without resorting to fogbound equations.

No one knows with certainly whether half gavity will provide suffering, or life, or death.

You 'leap' into floating cities without good science, cost analysis, or any references to the many scientists and technicians who are planning living on Mar's surface with lava tubes etc.

You carefully misunderstand population and ecological growth to prove an 'ungrounded' hypothesis.

Current estimates for the amount of water on Mars puts the number over 100 feet of water covering the entire planet if a large percentage of frozen water was melted. This provides more than enough water cycle atmosphere to protect earth life from cosmic rays and solar radiation.

With a good translator this could be okay science fiction, and science fiction begins and often ends with the word fiction, not prophesy, forecast, or presentience.

Yes I am being hard on you. I think you know tho the difference between the possible and the probable.

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