The Nodes of the Moon Enter Gemini & Sagittarius

An essay

By Mike Zizis June 2, 2020

“In astrology, the North Node represents the qualities we need to develop in order to grow, while the South Node represents the qualities that come naturally to us…and that we might rely on too much.”

- Lisa Stardust

The nodes change signs approximately every 15 months.

There are five major themes in understanding the nodes;

1} they overwhelmingly move backwards thru the zodiac

2} they are mathematics not bright lights or objects in the sky

3} the South node, {SN} also called Ketu or the dragon’s tail reveals past life talents brought into this life, comforts and habits and addictions.

4} the North node {NN} also known as Rahu or the head of the dragon, represents the uncomfortable struggle to grow, to retain balance, investigate the unknown country within, and the state of the beginner. This effort is necessary to avoid the worst possibilities outlined above in the South node description.

5} Rahu can also be associated with the nature of Jupiter and tends to exaggerate or inflate its placement and the nature of the planets it aspects. Ketu tends to act like Saturn diminishing planetary aspects it encounters. These can be good or bad issues. For instance Rahu {NN} can confer more explosive cruel drama to a powerful Mars placement.

Ketu would diminish Mars excesses.

For the past 15 months the Nodes of the moon have been in {North node} Cancer and {South node} in Capricorn. This indicated that during this time we as a culture retreated behind our walls, and defined ourselves against ’the other’. This is a manifestation of MAGA, and the rise of dictatorships in Hungary, Venezuela, Russia and others.

Here is an excellent description in what the nodes are physically:

From -

The lunar nodes mark the point at which the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, the path that the Sun takes through the constellations as we observe its movement from Earth. The Nodes are connected to experiences, which feel fated, and we can see this idea in practice when we look at an eclipse. Eclipses occur at a lunation (lunar event) in which the Sun and Moon are within 15 degrees of the Nodes, activating a trigger of the past, which requires something to happen before we can move forward.

Unlike other planetary bodies, the nodes move backwards in their apparent motion from our perspective on Earth.

Why do the nodes of the moon appear to move backwards?

From -

To visualize the Earth’s precession, imagine a spinning top that is wobbling. Draw a line between the apex of the top and the sky. At the moment, the line would intersect the North Star, although this has not always been the case. In 13,000, the line will intersect Vega, in Lyra; and in 13,000 years, Polaris the North Star again. Due to the wobble, the line will trace a clockwise circle (the direction opposite to the Earth’s travel) in the sky. It takes about 26,000 years to complete this circle.

The plane of the Earth is tilted 23.4 in relation to the celestial sphere, and like the lunar plane, the Sun’s gravitational force is trying to overcome the tilt. Due to this force (precession), the intersection of the Earth, ecliptic, and celestial equator, shifts slowly retrograde (in the direction opposite the forward motion of the Earth). Two thousand years ago, the three were united at 0° Aries. Today, the three unite earlier in the ecliptic, in late Aquarius. Basically, every year the Sun reaches the Aries Point a little bit earlier and earlier (in less than one full year). For this reason, the Aries Point is seen to move retrograde (backwards along the ecliptic).

The story of the dragon’s head and tail goes something like this; the dragon managed to drink some of the ambrosia or milk of the Milky Way galaxy. {GALAXY in Greek means river of milk.} The other gods alerted Vishnu of this. He severed the dragon in two.

The tail of the animal relates to instinct. It has no brain. Think of it like your breath at the moment, you are not deciding OK lungs, breathe. OK heart — keep beating.

This is an autonomous life source/force that propels you thru time and space. Past life talents are similar. A person may show an ‘aptitude’ for cooking, music, sports, or governing etc. Your being seems to know what to do. And doing seems quite natural.

The head of the dragon is where the disembodied brain resides. Here thought, sweat, and struggle are required to navigate growth and exploration. It should be noted that I am not one of those astrologers who considers the NN to be any ‘ultimate destination’. If I had my way, and I don’t, we would all learn that there is probably little good in thinking of any ultimates. Sports aside, ultimate patriots, Jews, Palestinians, soldiers, deserts, bombs, and etc. seem quite a bad idea, if indeed it is an idea.

The NN also is the place of yearning. Why can’t I be more assertive {Aries}, stable {Taurus}, communicative {Gemini}, sensitive {Cancer}, courageous {Leo}, analytic {Virgo}, balanced {Libra}, passionate {Scorpio} , adventurous {Sagittarius}, disciplined {Capricorn}, aware {Aquarius}, compassionate {Pisces}?

The north node in astrology also delineates an aspect of what I call the adult dilemma; “I want to do what I am good at, and not something that causes me to feel like a dumb beginner.”

Yet this is the nature of a person’s natal north node. It is not only the ‘undiscovered country’ it is also that place of relative cluelessness as opposed to mastery.

Here is the example of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

With his South node in Pisces he remarked that when it came to creating music, he often felt as if he was “taking dictation”.

Pisces is the most fluid of all signs, and connected to other and often higher realities. Over many perhaps hundreds of past lives as a musician, he perfected astonishing compositional skills, like creating concertos at the age of four. Truly genius.

And there is his neglected North node in Virgo. Virgo Nodal placements are about discrimination and healing. He gambled away real fortunes, and refused to take care of his health. Drinking, gambling and disregard of the body are habits and addictions of the South node in Pisces.

Historically, the Arab spring and 9/11 occurred during the nodes transiting Cancer / Capricorn.

Looking ahead for the next 14 / 15 months — In May 2020 the nodes shifted backwards lurching from Cancer with the North Node {NN} and South node {SN} Capricorn into Gemini {NN} / Sagittarius {SN}.

Gemini themes:

• The transmission of information

• Ideas and thoughts

• Marketing and promotion

• Local community

• Playful curiosity

• Life’s details

• Short trips

• Not missing anything

• Versatility

• Mental mapping of reality

• Gossip/journalism

• Writing in general

• Multitasking

• close kin

• talk

• swift dexterous actions

Sagittarius themes:

  • Cultural beliefs
  • Religion
  • Global community
  • International affairs
  • Long-distance travel
  • Higher education
  • Publishing
  • Freedom and adventure
  • Philosophy
  • The big picture
  • Carelessness
  • Bullying
  • Soldiers
  • Big animals
  • The open road
  • Religious fervor

There is to be some relief here for the next 15 months as the transiting nodes retrograde their way thru Gemini and Sagittarius. Expect more dialogues, more feedback, public notice of police brutality, and coverage and exposure of hidden hate groups.

The downside will be any violent self-righteousness of the right and left. This can be altered when we demand that it is to be stopped. The mutability {changeable and adaptable nature} of these nodes also means we are more prone to cooperate rather than demand the other side change {Cancer/Capricorn}.

Further reading: Over 40 years as a professional astrologer, I am ready willing and able to craft trends in your journey.