Neptune Enters That Zone

{Neptune enters the 19th degree of Pisces — part two}

An Essay

By Mike Zizis

April 13, 2020

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In my previous essay on Neptune entering the 19th degree of Pisces, I covered the spread of the Corona virus.

Here we examine the current, if momentary, global oil glut. The world is currently awash in oceans of oil.

From: Maurice Fernandez — Evolutionary Astrology

During the last passage of Neptune in Pisces (1848–1862), the first commercial oil well was drilled and kerosene was successfully distilled from petroleum, stimulating a worldwide demand for oil as a fuel. Moreover, the great California gold-rush began in 1848, right along with Neptune’s ingress into Pisces — the Earth was our “candy store” and it generated wealth.

Value, especially collective value, is a Neptune construct. Scarcity and demand, profit and myth, play into what we are willing to pay for what we think we need. In astrological terms we call this the veil or clouds obscuring clear vision, again the realm of Neptune.

Neptune rules liquids, gases and chemicals: Oil, gasoline, gases, chemicals, poisons, medicines, drugs, alcohol, addiction, anesthetics, perfumes, smoke, water, fog, mist, steam, clouds, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, waterways, swamps, swimming, fishing, fish and all creatures and plants of the water.

Petroleum is ruled by Neptune, as are fluctuating goods such as gold, diamonds, and money. Oil, in this case, embodies Neptunian themes such as proliferation, ubiquity, and obscure geomorphic hiding places. He reveals that this resource is not easily understood and not owned or commanded by any one state or even OPEC. Even defining what is {global} energy is shrouded in some mystery; the ability to get work done feels inaccurate as tying shoelaces while wearing thick ski gloves.

From: AstroWoW

Traditionally oil and gas have been associated with the planet Neptune (as indeed whales are), and it is probably no coincidence that the first commercial exploitation of oil in the 1850’s took place soon after the discovery of Neptune in 1846.

As I stated in my previous essay on Neptune and the 19th symbolic degree in oceanic Pisces, this degree is simply a way of measuring how powerfully an outer planet announces its chanticleer passage. The 19th degree in astrology is a force majeure. In other words time passes and immense things happen. This celestial chronograph depicts the roil of a cresting wave before its subsidence.

Here is as indicator of oil price drops from 1965 to 1967: during that era from 1965 to 1967, Uranus in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, and Pluto in Virgo took turns moving thru the 19th degree of the zodiac.

The flowering of culture and war during this cycle is etched into every history tome and class observing the period.

This next section is from a marvelous essay by Darby Costello. Please keep in mind that what he clarifies here is made more emphatic in the period of 1965 to 1967.


The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto was in the middle four years of the decade. I began to note the different shared perspectives expressed by people born in the different time zones of the decade. I felt especially touched by the people born during this ten year period as they were born during the time when my generation was young, and awakening to life in a most powerful and unexpected way.

The sixties were a time of great awakening. The generation coming of age during that decade shared a vision and a sexual freedom that was unique and unprecedented. This was at least partly because of two little pills that had been designed in Virgoan research laboratories in Switzerland, LSD and the birth control pill. Neptune was in Scorpio and sex, drugs and rock and roll seemed to offer a path to heaven on earth. It is ironic that the generation born during the sixties was born in a time when youth was freer to find physical, mental and spiritual satisfaction than all of the generations before them.

Pluto had been moving back and forth between Leo and Virgo for the last few years of the fifties, but by mid 1958 it finally settled in Virgo. Uranus joined it properly in 1962 and they worked the same field for the next eight years. Strictly speaking Uranus and Pluto were not conjunct until 1964. They stayed close together in Virgo for the next four years. Through those four years, Chiron, as yet to be discovered, was opposing from Pisces. By 1968 most of the western world had been touched by the change in consciousness that had risen like a wave through millions of young people, with their psychedelic vision, their sexual freedom and their experimental way of life.

This psychedelic generation grew up, made careers, had children, and in spite of all that early freedom, became as deeply embedded in the world as any people do with time working through them. Today they are mostly in their fifties, moving towards their second lunar and Saturn returns. Though Saturn has inevitably done its grinding work many of them still carry some of the sense of wonder that was awaken in them as a group through their late teens and early twenties. The children born into that decade of radically changing consciousness are now all into their thirties, a few years past their first lunar and Saturn returns. They are now deepening into the world and taking up their responsibilities, each in their own way, and what they share, and through the Uranus-Pluto conjunction is unique in the last 2500 years. These two planets have only been conjoined thirty times in this span of time, and never before in Virgo.

This generation was born into a time when sex was fun, food was good, and water and sunlight were free and healthy. During their years of sexual awakening they had to contend with a sexually transmitted killer disease; though food continues to be plentiful in the western world, diseases such as anorexia and bulimia were taking their toll and food scares were becoming more and more common. Drinking water began to come out of bottles instead of taps and the heat and light of the sun was becoming suspect as they filtered through our weakening ozone layer. No matter how much this generation wishes to live private lives out of the social mainstream, they are confronted with collective issues every time they make a private decision. Their Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo with Neptune in Scorpio demands that they pay attention to a thousand small details and potential dangers. The trick — and Virgo is Mercury ruled — is to find where and how to pay attention so that day to day life is not swamped in ridiculous and petty discontents and there is no time for realizing the depths of spiritual satisfaction that any life requires.

An atopia is roughly a world part dying and part reborn simultaneously.

What is churning in the clashing clouds of pragmatism and ideals in 2020 is the atopic state of flux in the harnessing of new energies to drive the planet — wind, solar, and fusion among others versus the seeming forever setting industrial smog of petroleum burning. We have emerged from the lead and smog polluted dystopia of the sixties and the utopian ever-expanding economic dreams of the fifties into the atopia of the world’s largest transition.

This too, is the promise of Neptune wrapping our world in the fog of existential survival and then washing us onto the new shore of renewable energies with unlimited potential. As the petroleum titanotheres of the old world — Saudi Arabia and Russia — battle for dominance of the oil market, we can see their eventual sunset necessity in a new world born in a struggle for new energy. Symbolically Neptune rules the erosion of prices like computers, televisions, phones, spaceflight — and so much else.

And Lastly –

From: Evening Sun

In transpersonal astrology, Neptune is aligned with Cancer. It is here that the birth of new consciousness can occur, tempered with compassion and love for all beings. Judgment, whether of oneself or others, can gently pass away, infused with an awareness that we are all in the current situation together. The suffering inherent in human conditions can be embraced at a deeper level — not of pain, but of understanding — and a commitment to help alleviate it emerges.


Birth charts for Saudi Arabia & Russia:

{both countries according to Astrotheme are Libra Sun, and Cancer moon} Over 40 years as a professional astrologer, I am ready willing and able to craft trends in your journey.

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