Mercury will be retrograde
January 30 to February 21.

By Mike Zizis January 31, 2021

A Short Sharp Essay on This Mercury Retrograde

Mercury does this repeating dance 3/4 times every year. In January It begins at 26’ Aquarius and turns direct at 11’ Aquarius.

It spends 22 days in total retrograde in this cycle.

I am certain that knowledge is power. I am also certain that there are some heroin addicts who disagree with me. The rest of us require knowing what the weather is doing, what’s for breakfast, and when do I get paid ?

Blamers gonna blame blame blame. We are surrounded by people who don’t want to know that the sun rises and sets every day, things break, and we are all fragile. These people, at the end, or even the middle of the day, are irrelevant. And sometimes it is enough that you know, solely and even soulfully.

Whether we are getting healthy or wealthy or wise it can’t be done without knowledge. Ask Warren Buffet, or Desmond Tutu if this is true. Delays are fast approaching, as are electrical problems, computer meltdowns, and people weirdly mis-communicating, or failing to communicate at all. Things will get lost. We will have to do some things twice. Try not to sign what can be put off. If it can’t be put off, be prepared to do it twice.

No one spoke. Not even the white chrysanthemums.

The frontal lobes of your brain and mine think they are in charge. The reason they think this is because they are the part of our mental machine that can read a clock. They would tell you quite falsely which colour of a miraculous sky spanning rainbow is the wrong or bad one. They would tell you that the Jews are sending laser beams from space satellites to start wildfires in California, as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, tells everyone.

The universe is not a machine and it is not a clock. The universe is probably alive and responsive. It surprises us. No surprises means no life. I prefer not to play the victim card with these Mercury retrogrades. Please join me. Over 40 years as a professional astrologer, I am ready willing and able to craft trends in your journey.