If your reality is based on your thoughts,

why do people believe in astrology?

an essay by Mike Zizis — April 8, 2021

“IF your reality …” This seems to be another casual question that demands a serious in depth and soulful answer. People are really not to blame for the off-hand use of words — concepts like reality — er REALITY.

Time to cut to the chase … did the 6 million jews who perished in WW2 think up their collective demise, their reality?

When I was teaching astrology at a local college, this kind of question came up. You know that — we choose our own reality. So I stood in front of 36 people all adults and dropped a pen onto the ground. I asked these people how many times I would have to drop this pen before it fell up? One adult said it won’t, ever.

Then I asked these people to hold their arms straight up above their heads while sitting. I instructed them to just keep their arms straight up pointing to the ceiling until they felt pain. At that point I advised them to tell themselves they were feeling joy and pleasure. As soon as they went up, a lot of arms from the wiser folks came down. Some rather stubborn young men kept their arms up to prove the teacher wrong. Then finally in less than nine minutes everybody’s arms came back down to the original resting position. THIS IS PAIN.

So in effect in fact no one was creating their own reality otherwise those arms would still be up today. I can tell myself I’m 6 foot four with thick blond shoulder length hair all I want, does that make it does it true? Well?

Will Norwegians prostrate themselves to you when you declare you are the princess of Norway?

We have very big brains and little idea how to use them. Words have meaning. Words have meaning. If words don’t have meaning then I can take someone’s wallet and say I am not taking your wallet. They can punch me in the mouth and say I just gave you a kiss on the cheek and of course I didn’t touch you.

If you meant to say — “ Personal responsibility”, then plainly and clearly say personal responsibility. Some people say my reality is completely different from your reality are saying they’ve never seen a green light or a stop sign, while driving.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as belief in astrology, belief is for religious folk you know wealthy male preachers — men of god. A young journalist was interviewing Carl Jung who was in his 80s a while ago. He asked “Do you really believe in reincarnation?” Jung’s reply was “I don’t believe young man- I know.”

A fact is a fact. Take the fact of the English language. No one believes or doesn’t believe in English. English and astrology are a language. The Fukushima nuclear reactor blew up March 11, 2011. On that same day the planet Uranus symbolizing explosions, reversals, and unexpected events, entered the martial sign of Aries; fiery, short tempered, and explosive.

When Neptune planet of proliferation hard to diagnose problems like viruses and cancer went into the 19th degree of Pisces within a week the Corona virus broke out in China and quickly spread to Europe and Americas. Pisces is all waters like the ocean the 19th degree is the degree out of 30 total of each sign — when a planet expresses itself most actively, vibrantly, and potently.

Of course I’m not going to waste my time pointing out 10,000 other examples to some dull, soulless, cruel, blunt, and sadistic individuals who still hear the word belief. They are the not so modern inquisition and seem to want to burn astrologers at the stake for not being in lockstep belief in their form of science even though science is a tool and not Scripture.

Anecdote? All science begins in anecdote.

Science’s core is quantity. Astrology’s core is quality.

Finally astrology is also a roadmap. Roadmaps are generally not a matter of belief. Ask the roadmap publishers or throw away your phone if you think roadmaps are a matter of belief. Astrology is also a roadmap. Look up the 27 club on Google. I’ll wait. In astrology that’s called the Saturn return — the time it takes Saturn to return to the place it started your horoscope. It takes 27 to 29 years for Saturn to complete one orbit one circle around the sun. Astrology says that people generally speaking will have a major or even a crisis at 14 / 27 years old and again 56 / 57 years old. That is a map of the human journey it is not belief. Belief and dogma are the weapon of the dull and lazy mind. That’s not you — is it?



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