As an astrologer practising for 40 years, I don't hand out tranquilizers or astral candy. I see my job as 'lifting the veil'. It's a dangerous profession.

We are connected to the seasons and the seasons of growth blossoming failure and harvest. This essay tries to message emotions. It has little to do with me helping a client choose the optimal time fore a possibly life-threatening deadly surgical operation.

This is part of my job description, as well as predicting economic trends like I did for the meltdowns in 2000 for tech and real estate in 2008/9.

Whenever possible I try to give a grounded and embodied climate for the journey. This is not revealed in this work. I have nothing against pleasant forms of escapism. Our infantilism and disneyfication of living is quite unconsciously threaded thru this work.

There is an astrological climate to our human journey. It includes floods tornadoes and fires. A portion of my work is about assisting vision so that some of an inevitable passage thru pain, loss, and sorrow can be averted or healed if possible. And, no one can always 'see' everything. Astrologers can see trends. This is the opposite of fortune telling. Over 40 years as a professional astrologer, I am ready willing and able to craft trends in your journey.

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