My lover’s discourse

- Mike Zizis

April 13, 2021

{some of us read for the joy, sensuality, laughter, perversions and power of language — and not to discover what the wretched author ‘meant’.}

This book seems unreadable and opaque to so many. Joyce explored the unconscious thru its own…

why do people believe in astrology?

an essay by Mike Zizis — April 8, 2021

“IF your reality …” This seems to be another casual question that demands a serious in depth and soulful answer. People are really not to blame for the off-hand use of words — concepts like reality — er REALITY.

Time to…

By Mike Zizis January 31, 2021

A Short Sharp Essay on This Mercury Retrograde

Mercury does this repeating dance 3/4 times every year. In January It begins at 26’ Aquarius and turns direct at 11’ Aquarius.

It spends 22 days in total retrograde in this cycle.

I am certain that…

An essay by Mike Zizis

January 3, 2021

Joe Biden — Natal Chart

In mundane or event astrology, we cast a chart for the moment of a historical transaction. This can reveal the nature and direction of the event. There is a hand over hand swim in this effect that…

An essay by Mike Zizis —


For the record: there is absolutely no historical evidence and record of happy people becoming professional comedians.

Here we all are — the survivors. This is the first evening after the brilliant comedic light of Robin Williams was extinguished. …


­­I am an astrologer with a love of science. I don’t like bullies. What follows is an exuberant & spirited defence of my craft, spurred on by a question posted in QUORA.

Michael Zizis
Astrologer 40+ Years

Updated October 15, 2020

The Quora Question: We…

The Nodes of the Moon Enter Gemini & Sagittarius

An essay

By Mike Zizis June 2, 2020

“In astrology, the North Node represents the qualities we need to develop in order to grow, while the South Node represents the qualities that come naturally to us…and that we might rely on too much.”

- Lisa Stardust

The nodes change signs approximately every 15 months.

There are five major…

an essay by Mike Zizis — May 28, 2020

As an astrologer I am often asked about Vedic or sidereal astrology versus tropical or Western Astrology. Many western astrologers do practice Vedic astrology. Proportionally less native Indian astrologers adopt western astrological techniques.

The vedic traditional astrologer might say you are in 18 years of badness — Ketu —…

Notes by

Mike Zizis

May 7, 2020

Today is the full moon in Scorpio — 17 degrees Scorpio opposite the sun in 17 degrees Taurus at 8:45 am EDT.

The moon is in Mars and Pluto’s sign of Scorpio.

The moon in Scorpio is in its fall — a hostile…

of Mercury, Venus, and Mars

an Essay by Mike Zizis

April 29,2020

As you can see, this can be a very frustrating year if you allow it to be. You have a choice. This is an excellent year to be a better you {“me” 2.0} with self-awareness and anger management. Alternaternatively, if you need self-assertion, you will have a multitude of opportunities…

Michael Zizis Over 40 years as a professional astrologer, I am ready willing and able to craft trends in your journey.

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