of Mercury, Venus, and Mars

an Essay by Mike Zizis

April 29,2020

As you can see, this can be a very frustrating year if you allow it to be. You have a choice. This is an excellent year to be a better you {“me” 2.0} with self-awareness and anger management. Alternaternatively, if you need self-assertion, you will have a multitude of opportunities to graduate in 2020 with honours. We, in English-speaking Canada, are also afflicted with that well-known virus — passive aggression. We can do better.

The personal planets retrograde are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. When any go off the reservation {retrograde} they vacate the usual descriptors. In the subject of Venus there is no downside to better self-knowledge. By this, I don’t mean wondering what your attitude might be, or what do I like or don’t I like; that is simply the foam on top of the cold summer beer. I do mean — do I smile like my mother, walk like my father? Where did they get it? Why does ”X” upset me? This is compassionate reflection.

In the case of Mars retrograde this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We don’t need more domestic violence and war. That dance card is full.

Most of us are familiar with Mercury Retrograde. Yes, you can Google it.

*You will notice that Mercury and Venus overlap June 18 to 25. Mercury and Mars do the same thing from October 13 to November 3rd. Expect some difficulty especially but not exclusively during these times.

Lastly, these are guidelines. If you feel you can’t wait, then try your luck. I am here to be helpful, and learn from what happens, and what doesn’t happen.


Venus –

May 13, 2020 {21’Gemini} to June 25, 2020 {5’Gemini}

Mercury –

June 18, 2020 {14’Cancer} to July 11, 2020 {5’Cancer}

October 14 2020 {11’ Scorpio} to November 3 2020 {26’Libra}

Mars –

September 13 2020 {28’ Aries} to November 14, 2020 {15’ Aries}

Jupiter –

May 14, 2020 {27’ Capricorn} to September 12, 2020{17’ Capricorn}

*Note — the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can spend half of the entire year retrograde. This seldom affects an individual.

I am including Jupiter in this exploration only because the Corona 19 outbreak started in December / January when Jupiter began a conjunction to Pluto. The above dates for Jupiter retrograde {return of Jupiter / Pluto conjunction} are when I feel we will get a second wave of virus, involving mass waves of infection. These will be less potent than the first encounter that we are currently passing thru {March to May 2020}. i.e. more infections, fewer deaths on the second go around.

Venus –

May 13, 2020 {21’Gemini} to June 25, 2020 {5’Gemini}

Venus rules beauty, ideals, love, relationships, luxury, and hygiene. During Venus Retrograde:


Cultivate your own company

Repair and mend anything

Listen MORE than talk

Go on silent retreats

Be fine about thoughtful apologies

Read a book

Quit an addiction

Notice the colour of a close relative’s eyes instead of obsessing on their toxic presence

Write inclusively

Speak calmly and slowly {Venus in Gemini}

Add a word a day to your vocabulary {Venus in Gemini}

Choose foods that enhance health

Allow friendships, etc. to end without misery,

Take old clothes to charities.


Get a tattoo

Have cosmetic surgery

Buy pretty and expensive things

Blame a partner for your own shortcomings

Experiment with non-traditional or polyamorous sex and sexual partners

Join the why-not club of self-sabotage

Join a cult

Use the word, ‘But’

Start a negative addiction.

Mercury –

June 18, 2020 {14’Cancer} to July 11, 2020 {5’Cancer}

October 14 2020 {11’ Scorpio} to November 3 2020 {26’Libra}

Mercury rules communication, travel, signing documents, buying and selling big-ticket items, delays, meetings, and boundaries. During Mercury retrograde:


Repair computers, phones, electrical equipment, Reschedule meetings,

Expect delays,

Do-overs in arrangements with others,

Find what you weren’t looking for,

Allow lost objects and friendships to resurface,

Check that list three times,

Expect to be stuck when traveling,

Stay calm, be brave and wait for the signs.


Be brittle or overbearing when inevitable delays happen,


Overlook empty gas tanks,

Sign documents,

Launch new everything,

Expect perfection,


Be careless with communication,

Buy or sell homes and vehicles.

Mars –

September 13 2020 {28’ Aries} to November 14, 2020 {15’ Aries}

Mars rules war, aggression, athletics, competition, martial arts, sharp edges, surgical equipment, knives, cuts, bruises, violence both physical and verbal, attacks, sudden attacks, skin abrasions and rashes etc.


Look out for what your inner self wants in life.
Be wary of people who might affect your life in a negative sense.
Do compromise in personal and professional relationships and try to iron out any sort of differences that might arise in intra-personal areas.
Let your communication with others be with a diplomatic and tactful approach. Be assertive in your tone.
This is a good time to alter some of your behaviors that have been bad or not desirable.
Do manage your anger in a positive way.
Make amends with your life goals.
Put your talents and creative energy to good use.
Do plan for your future; it is just not a time to execute.
Get into a new social group that might direct you towards positive territory.


Mars rules over disputes and fights.

Don’t start a fight or argument. Usually a fight is lost. Countries that initiate war during this period have all met with defeats in the hands of their enemies.
Mars stands for all types of surgeries and physical ailments.

Don’t go in for an elective surgery when Mars retrogrades.

Start any new projects during a Mars retrograde period. They might get into trouble or might meet with impediments. You would not be getting favourable results.
Initiate or wind up existing relationships like a marriage or divorce.

Start legal activities during a Mars retrograde period. You might ultimately lose the case.
Buy any machinery, they might physically break down or might be inefficient,
Set any life goals, you would not be able to meet.
Over-exert yourself physically and mentally. You might break down mentally or might meet with physical injuries or accidents.
Speculate or gamble. The markets would be very volatile to handle and you might not be able to judge the direction or outcome.
Pursue sports that call for rigorous physical exertion or get into extreme adventures.







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